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Express Setup is BAD; or, The Importance of Physical Security and Good Configuration

Cisco Catalyst switches include a feature called Express Setup which is designed to simplify the configuration process for users that don’t spend their lives at an IOS command prompt. A laudable goal, but the way the feature works brings with it some serious consequence.

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Going VIRL

For at least the last decade, something that experiences extraordinary popularity on the Internet has been said to go “viral.” Was Cisco anticipating the potential for enormous popularity when coming up with the name for the Virtual Internet Routing Labs? After getting a chance to try it out at Cisco Live, I’m thinking so.

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Openly Passionate

This year while at Cisco Live, I had the opportunity to join the Tech Field Day crew for a mini Networking Field Day round table event. At the event, we heard from Opengear, maker of advanced and highly-capable in- and out-of-band serial console management products.

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