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Continuing a couple of posts based on my experience of earning my CCIE, I thought I’d share some Q&A that I came up with. Upon earning my number, I posted a “thank you” email to the IPExpert On-Line Study List to thank members of that list for helping me along the way. I received a number of questions in response to the news, and I wrote up a Q&A based on those questions. I’m reposting that information here for those that may find it of interest.

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My Post-CCIE Reading List

The CCIE journey requires a lot of reading. But it’s often not very enjoyable. You are reading configuration guides, or command references, or study notes consisting of hundreds of bullets. Dry material, at a level of detail that you know usually need not be memorized for real-world practice of the art of networking. Trying to memorize minutia and configuration bits.

It’s been a long time since I could pick up some reading material and not feel like I was slacking off if it wasn’t on the recommended CCIE reading lists. Now that I’m over the exam, I’m looking forward to digging into a number of titles that I’ve been hanging on to for some timeHere, in no particular order (because if I made too strict an order I’d feel like it was another required reading list…) are a subset of titles I’m looking forward to reading over the coming months.

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Journey to Numberland

I passed my CCIE lab and received my number less than a week ago (on 21 Feb, 2013), so a lot of things are still sinking in. Just after I announced the news, a past co-worker of mine asked me for some details on my journey. The following is a recap of the timeline and milestones in my CCIE journey that I provided him in response to his query. I hope to expand on some of the topics mentioned but I thought I’d share this timeline as it may be of interest to those who are considering the great journey from competent network engineer to insane, fire-breathing network maniac.

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hello, world

Welcome to Herding Packets! I’m Bob McCouch, a full-time geek and network engineer who has been designing and building networks for over 10 years now. I recently completed the CCIE lab to earn CCIE #38296 (Routing and Switching track), and finding myself with a head full of ideas and a lot more free time so if you haven’t gotten enough of my rambling on Twitter you can get your fill here too!

I’m looking forward to doing some research, learning, and writing on a variety of networking-oriented topics. Look for a series of posts related to the CCIE experience as well as anything I can muster on current events in IT/Networking and other topics of interest for seasoned IT veterans and newcomers alike.

I hope you’ll check in from time to time and find something interesting or helpful here.


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