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Using the Cisco CSR1000V in GNS3 With VirtualBox

The better part of a year ago when the Cisco CSR1000V was publicly released, I quickly tested the notion of running the Cloud Services Router in VMWare Fusion on the Mac, rather than on a full vSphere server. Since then, I occasionally see that some readers land on my blog after searching for the terms “CSR1000V GNS3” looking for assistance in integrating the CSR with the popular networking simulation platform. The CSR1000V is attractive as it provides a means to run IOS-XE, the same variant as on the ASR-series routers, and unlike Dynamips, Cisco has blessed use of the CSR with the 2.5 Mb/s throughput-limited trial license as a legitimate labbing platform. Last night I decided to see if it could be done. Turns out, it’s easy.

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Removing BGP Private ASNs – Revisited!

Reader Feedback!

Recently, I posted about some lab verification I did during a customer setup where I had to strip private BGP AS numbers (64512-65535) before sending BGP-learned prefixes upstream to an ISP.

While I used the purpose-built “remove-private-as” neighbor command, several readers commented to me via the blog and via Twitter with some ideas for alternate solutions. They even got me thinking about an idea of my own.

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Removing Private BGP ASNs and the Importance of Lab Validation

I have an interesting project going on with two of my customers. One of them is buying a web-hosting business from the other, and we have to migrate all of the resources (including IP space) from one organization to the other in the same colo. Of course there is a lot involved with this, but one of the things we had to consider was the routing. For the short term (the next few months), the company buying the hosting business (let’s call them BUYER, Inc), will not have its own Internet connection from the colo, but will instead transit through the selling company (we’ll call them SELLER Corp.).

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Cisco CSR1000V on VMWare Fusion

The release of the Cisco CSR1000V is definitely garnering some buzz around the Internets. The platform is intended for deployment in a VMWare ESXi environment, but it seems to work just fine using VMWare’s desktop virtualization products as well. Join me as I boot up a couple of cloudy routers on my Mac Mini! Continue reading

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The Morning-After Command

Recently, during a very carefully planned, meticulously scripted change, I hit a bump in the road. It ended up not being a total show-stopper, but it did derail the change by about 30 minutes while we figured out a work-around. I think this kind of thing has probably happened to anyone who has been working on networks for a while. Invariably you get through (or abort!) whatever you’re working on and the following morning you start digging into what you hit. That’s when you discover that one command that would have saved your bacon last night. I call this the Morning-After command.

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Disabling Gigabit Link Negotiation on Fiber Interfaces

File this one under “things I’ve missed so many times I should write a blog article about them.”

I’ve Been Here Before

Here’s the scenario: You’ve ordered a new Ethernet-delivered circuit from your ISP to connect to equipment in your cabinet at a colo facility. The carrier has dropped the circuit, the colo staff has done the cross-connect and left you a fiber pigtail in your cabinet. You’ve configured your port, inserted your SFP optical module, and plugged in the fiber. You “no shut” your port and….. nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a link light.

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